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Working through the weekend and not taking time to rest and reset has become a normal part of work life. Even the occasional vacation is difficult for some that are swamped at work and even an hour can’t pass for some without checking work emails. Though this can happen often for some, the repercussions of ignoring a work-life balance can be severe. No matter your occupation, family situation, or age, reaching a healthy balance between your job and your home life is of vital importance to your overall health and happiness.

Email is now among the most popular forms of business communication. Almost everyone has an email address, and most companies direct people to their email for any questions or queries. At times taking a break may seem impossible and instead, you sacrifice personal activities.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to hire a Virtual Assistant!

Delegating your email management to a Virtual Assistant can free up your time so that you don’t need to check emails 24/7. So, here are some of the things a Virtual Assistant can do to manage your emails:

Manage inbox

Imagine looking at your email inbox at the end of a very busy day and seeing the very many messages you have to respond to. A skilled virtual assistant can not only help you with inbox management but can organize the most important emails for you so you only have to deal with what’s essential.

Follow up management

Following up with potential leads or important clients can be crucial, but also time-consuming work. A virtual assistant can step in and make sure that every important email is tracked and managed. Your virtual assistant could either respond (based on your instructions), send holding notes to let the recipient know that you are looking into their email, or follow up with you where necessary. They’ll also help you sort your important emails so you can focus on doing the vital first.

Some people don’t like the idea of someone else responding on their behalf, a great idea is to set up template responses that can be used depending on the inquiry. This ensures it's your 'voice and tone that is responding.

Not maintaining a work-life balance is linked to chronic stress, leading to medical problems such as hypertension, digestive issues, cardiovascular issues, and poor mental health. Maintaining healthy boundaries between work and relaxing is crucial to overall health and wellbeing. Hiring a Virtual Assistant to manage and maintain your email eliminates one of the major culprits of a broken work-life balance.

So if you need support with your email management, I would love to have a chat with you about working together. Click here to book a call.


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