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  • How do we communicate feedback?
    We welcome feedback at any time. Either send us a note, include it in your project management system or give us a call. We offer a monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time, though we do ask that you give us 7 days notice before you cancel as a courtesy.
  • How do we communicate with the person (can they join our company project management software?)
    - ADX Virtual can plug into your project management software. We have excellent experience using Basecamp, Asana, ClickUp, Trello and other softwares. - When tasks are listed and assigned. Comments are made on the progress and clients are notified when the tasks are completed. - We track our time using Toggl. Each task is timed and a report is sent to the client biweekly. ADX Virtual strives to always be efficient and transparent, making sure virtual assistants are Getting It Done
  • How do you match our needs with the right person?
    Once we understand the tasks that you want us to assist with, we assign the tasks to specialists within our team. We only hire assistants that are fast learners, great communicators and learn from feedback.
  • How do I know the person's availability?
    Depending on the subscription, you are buying a set amount of hours with the virtual assistant. E.g. The standard package is 10 hours a week, which is 2 hours per day.
  • Is it a fixed day of the week or is it flexible?
    The hours per week are fixed, but there is sometimes flexibility on the amount of hours our virtual assistants will spend each day.
  • Can I see the CV of that person or their professional experience before we commit to them?
    Yes! Clients can always request for qualification details from ADX Virtual.
  • What happens if they are not a right fit? Can we swap for another person?
    Yes! If the client doesn’t feel comfortable working with a certain virtual assistant, they can always swap for another one of our specialists any time.
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