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The Impact of a Virtual Assistant to your business

Who is a virtual assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is a qualified professional offering services to businesses or individuals from a remote location. Typical tasks a virtual assistant might perform include scheduling appointments, making phone calls, making travel arrangements, social media management, managing email accounts, customer and admin support. Virtual assistants can be self-employed solopreneurs or be part of a Virtual Assistant Agency that provides a wide range of business services. They work with multiple clients and have a thorough knowledge of current trends, tips and tricks and technological insights which they use to identify challenges and opportunities in the sales pipelines of their clients.

How can a virtual assistant impact your business?

Save Time

Time is money. It is therefore a valuable asset to every entrepreneur. A virtual assistant can help you save time by handling most tasks for you. Having more time within the company will help the business team to stay focused on their priorities. This will enable you to achieve your goals faster. That’s why it’s mission-critical to hire virtual assistants to whom you can delegate and spend your time handling high priority tasks - not what you have to do to keep the paperwork going.

Administrative Tasks

A virtual assistant’s scope of work is not rigid. It varies just as much as the industries that hire them. They can therefore offer all kinds of administrative tasks to different professionals. Some of these tasks include:

  • Marketing

  • Web design

  • Bookkeeping

  • Email management

  • Diary management

  • Data Entry

A Virtual Assistant empowers you to delegate what you can't keep managing yourself no matter what industry you're in.

Maintaining your online presence

If there is anything the pandemic taught us, is that having your business online is a great boost! As a small business owner, there’s no escaping the reality that you should have an online presence by virtue of a website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media channels of your choice. But managing them is a time-suck most solopreneurs can’t afford. That is where a virtual assistant comes in. A virtual assistant can create and schedule posts for your social media platform. They can also handle social media engagement for you and respond to clients or prospects on your behalf as per instructions given.


Our mission statement here at ADX Virtual is, “We enable businesses to lower costs and increase effectiveness by outsourcing tasks to our virtual assistants.” The act of lowering your business expenditure yet still increasing effectiveness that leads to growth in company revenue is the kind of scalability we are talking about. A virtual assistant will enable you to scale your business with minimal costs, maximum effectiveness and increased revenue. What's not to love about better ROI on your hiring decisions? Now, you and I both know that is the definition of true success for any business. So why not schedule a call here and kickstart your business to success?

Lead Generation

Lead generation is an important aspect for the sustainability of your business. However, it is very time consuming and might take time to yield results. You shouldn’t be spending a good chunk of you time conducting lead generation through cold emailing or cold calling. Delegate that to a virtual assistant and focus on more aggressive lead generation strategies for your business such as face to face pitch meetings with potential prospects. A virtual assistant can handle lead generation for your business through inbound campaigns to your website, social media accounts, or website contact forms. They can sort through your leads, calculate their value and add them to your database instead of having you drowned in your inbox trying to sift through.

Content Creation

Whatever industry you are in, you need to set a foot print and be a pacesetter. You can only do this if people regard you as an authority in your profession. How do you make people see you as an authority? By creating engaging, research-led content around your area of expertise and sharing it. Research is another time-consuming monster of a task, but a necessary evil. A skilled virtual assistant can help you conduct adequate research and churn out quality content that resonates with your fellow professionals. This will drive more traffic to your website and improve your ranking on search engines. It will set you ahead as an opinion leader and a revered business in your industry. A dream every entrepreneur hope for!


This is just a tip of the iceberg. There is a lot of value a virtual assistant can add to your business. But just like many other things in life, you will never know until you try! Check out our pricing plans here. Don’t get too shocked at how affordable we are, we even have a free plan! Contact us today to get started.


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