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how to increase your Instagram reach with the latest Instagram Algoritm

The Instagram algorithm has changed and if you don’t update all the things that you have been doing you're going to find it difficult to increase your sales and unpaid growth. With this said there are several things that you need to know to make sure that your Instagram is running up to speed with the change of things. This, however, depends on setting factors including the time you’re posting the quality of content you’re posting, or even the length of the videos or reels you are posting. With all that said let's jump and look at the latest things, you can do to improve your Instagram coverage and also improve your page in terms of sales or engagements.

Videos and Reels

Today you might be seeing a massive decrease in your Instagram engagement post and following. This is due to the change in the Instagram algorithm. To encourage people to engage your content then you need to be specific when it comes to posting Instagram videos once you have posted a video on YouTube and Facebook you don’t need to post the same video on Instagram but rather you have to change the video or post something else. This will encourage more of your viewers to watch more on Instagram.

Another thing is the length of the video. Lately, the Instagram algorithm encourages short videos between 5 seconds and seven seconds. Previously we were recommending people to upload videos in one second but currently, they are not working. If you are starting a new Instagram account then Instagram is even focusing more on fresh accounts and so it's a good time for you to grow your accounts from zero to 1,000,000 followers

Currently, IG is prioritizing more videos than photos and so we encourage uploading more reels compared to photos. However, we are not discouraging the posting of photos but now the Instagram algorithm it's focused more on video content (short reels) and basically small accounts. We are seeing this because lately the CEO of Instagram say they are going to play retires small accounts making it easy for them to grow.

If you have been thinking of opening a business and making Instagram your number one selling platform then this is the best time.

Instagram is now prioritising content with the following criteria.

1. Contact using trending sounds

2. Short form contents

3. Undo the long description and the right amount of hashtags

4. Content that is getting a high amount of watch time

How do you then optimise for watch time?

To optimise for watch time you need to add a hook at the beginning of your content this will help people to know what your content is all about and what your country is talking about but then again a lot of people are adding a lot of content on their videos making it difficult for people to watch.

Another thing we need to make a priority is the type of video we’re posting. The videos should be high quality and they should be this size which Instagram breeders recommend the most it will make it easier for people to find your content on Instagram. Videos that do not fit the frame are discouraged by Instagram. They are regarded as low-quality videos hence they cannot be recommended to people you're intending to reach.

Number of posts in a day

The amount of post to be posted daily on Instagram has also changed as no Instagram encourage two posts a day. Another factor is the timing of posting your content. You need to post your content at that momment you feel your audience is online and not anytime during the day. We encourage Instagram content creators should post at least between 10 and 12. Then make another post between 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM. So many small creators and large traders could make the same mistake on Instagram their postal way too much.

However, this algorithm is not going to last forever this is a gift from the social media god. By Instagram CEO is prioritising small accounts on Instagram, it is a great opportunity for those who want to grow on Instagram.


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