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Did you know that you can get almost any task done for you?

Timothy Ferriss’s controversial book called “The Four Hour Work Week” lays out the blueprint for outsourcing almost every task, so that you can work four hours a week instead of forty or more each week. And it’s a good thing, right?

First, let us ask ourselves; what is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant provides various services to entrepreneurs or businesses from remote locations. They work according to the needs of the client and offer a wide range of affordable services.

This brings us back to another question, why do you need a virtual assistant?

Business owners are looking for supportive solutions for managing costs and increasing profits.

  • Save time

In business, time is money. E.g. A small business without a HR specialist should not have employees spending hours trying to post job advertisements or conduct interviews. A professional virtual assistant experienced in HR could get this specific task done for you.

  • Cost reduction

One of the main reasons entrepreneurs outsource work is that it costs less. Instead of hiring an employee to do a small job permanently, you have a flexible virtual assistant and pay them by the hour or day. Business owners can save on a range of costs, e.g. training costs. Usually, business owners train employees and this costs time and money some companies can’t afford. With VAs, small business owners can hire professionals who are already experts in their field that won’t need much training.

  • VAs are flexible

Virtual assistants have a flexible work schedule, which means that it can be adjusted according to your business needs and busy periods.

  • Freedom and leisure

Having a virtual assistant on your side frees up your time. What would you do with more time back in your day? Would you spend it focused on growing your business, spend time on that hobby you promised you would start or relax and spend more time with friends and family. All you need to do is identify the tasks that require your direct attention, and the rest of the tasks assigned to the virtual assistants who will get it done while you do what matters most to you.

  • Your workload reduced

As an entrepreneur, your most important tasks are often overlooked due to busy schedules. Virtual assistants come in very handy as they can focus on most tasks. Some of the tasks VAs can help you with are:

  • Send client invoices

  • Schedule client meetings

  • Bookkeeping

  • Manage, update and customize your website

  • Create posts for social media

  • Set up email auto-responders

  • Data entry

  • Answer to customer support emails

  • Create presentation slides

  • And much more!

Hiring a VA is very convenient, from handling your phone calls to managing your social media accounts, they can free up your time to focus on core activities. Also, as they’re skilled at what they do, they won’t need constant supervision — it’s a win-win for everyone involved!

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